Pastor Ezekiel of Newlife Church healing photo

Newlife Prayer Centre Pastor Ezekiel Odero's journey to fellowship has not been easy. He began his journey in Kisumu as a fisherman before relocating to Mombasa as a mason (mtu wa mjengo). 

Before meeting Pastor Sarah, he began fellowship and was seeking partners in church. Pastor Sarah was a prayer warrior, and he went to seek assistance at her home in Mavueni. That is where they fall in love. 


The couple began NewLife Church in Shanzu and later expand and moved to his wife's home in Mavueni. The couple bought large tracts of land to expand further.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero biography

  • Pastor Ezekiel's tribe: Luo
  • Place of Birth: Homabay, Nyanza
  • Age: Unknown
  • Years in Ministry: 15 Years.
  • Marriage: Married to Pastor Sarah.
  • Years Married: 13 years
  • Education: Unknown



Because Luo is the home of English, Pastor Ezekiel explains how had it was to get Sarah because she did not fully attended school system and was unable to speak English.
"Some of my family members informed me that Pastor Sarah didn't go to school when I wanted to marry her. She is not fluent in English. What will the large people say if you marry her and they show up? When I looked at my wife, I didn't see an English speaker but rather a lovely lady who can manage a ministry. " He added, "English can't run a ministry."

I was then informed by her father that "I have given you my daughter and her sister," but I told him that I just wanted Sarah.

" She fled because her father and uncle didn't want me to have her. We were unable to see since it was nighttime. When she returned, her father and uncle had consented to let me marry her," he added.

" I had nothing when I went to ask Sarah to marry me. I was unable to pay for a wedding gown, a suitable engagement ring, or a dowry. I was given everything by my friends, including the fee to get me to her house."  He added, "I won with a ring costing KSH 15 and two goats."

Evangelist Ezekiel and Sarah, his wife, have been in a committed relationship for over 13 years.


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  1. Lies my friend go do yours research well. he is not Dholuo. He is Chonyi.

    1. Do your research well. The guy is a luo but doesn't like to be identified as such.


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