Tanzanian actor Rammy Galis and  Posh Queen

Actor Rammy Galis says that plus-size girls have no qualities of a good wife. As a posh queen, she has no qualifications for a wife.

Are you joining with Rammy Galis or because they are giving up? Comments on social media praised Rammy for his statement.

First of all, accept what you've got from God. Don't criticize God for creating you. It is a very big sin, and the end will come for all of you who insist on accepting your shapes.

It may be true. Because many people with these shapes forget who they are, they only have the external qualities that people want. They forget about the internal qualities that make a good wife and start to lack respect, wisdom, and stability (patience).

A woman should have a good face, good shape, and good eyes, legs should not be extra long, cheeks should not be stiff, and other things, but good behaviour. Take it to the father-in-law!

He is right, because even on the street if you look at women with big backs, they don't have anyone to marry; they just walk around.

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