Best-selling sports car in the world. Ford Mustang

Do you have a crush on sports cars? Don't deny yourself buying a Ford Mustang. To cut the long story short, let’s talk about its market value and the ways to purchase real bargains.

Best-selling sports car in the world so far

Since its introduction in 1964, Ford Mustang has always been among the most wanted cars in the USA and around the world. These cars attract everything: from robust engines to high-end designs. Moreover, Ford gives customers the opportunity to customize cars and create unique styles to their liking. So, how much does it cost to buy a salvage Ford Mustang? According to the official website, there are the following prices on the newest models:

  • 2022 Mustang EcoBoost Fastback starting at $27,470;
  • 2022 Mustang GT Fastback starting at $38,045;
  • 2022 Mustang Mach 1 starting at $58,365;
  • 2022 Mustang Shelby GT500 starting at $79,420.
Premium and convertible models cost even more. Besides that, these prices don’t include destination/delivery fees plus government fees and taxes, any finance charges, any dealer processing charges, any electronic filing charges, any emission testing charges, etc.

Looking for more affordable deals? Car auctions are an option

The most widespread section of cars at the auctions is salvage and wrecked ones. They are the most off-priced and affordable. However, you should be aware of possible risks that go along with such a purchase. The main one is about the car's real condition. Some salvage vehicles are beyond repairs or disadvantageous to do so. So, how to buy a car you can repair and safely drive?

Ford Mustangs with salvage and wrecked titles: tips for bidders

As far as Ford Mustang is one of the most popular cars in the US, bidders can find many models in different conditions across the country. Besides that, when you bid online, you can opt for a wide range of vehicles. When choosing one, pay attention to its damages and try to estimate the approximate cost of repair expenses. 

That will protect you from purchasing a piece of junk that is unrepairable or too expensive to repair. At the same time, it is good to check a VIN to find out whether the listed information is true. A car’s pre-inspection is an important step that will make you much more confident about your purchase. Due to the information you receive, you know what you are buying and potentially how much you need to spend on repairs. You will also get a car’s historical record including mileage, number of owners, accident details, etc.

Some people may find participating in car auctions too risky, when the others just don’t want to hustle with the inspection, paperwork after the purchase, shipment arrangements, customs clearance, etc. However, the process is not so hard these days. Many automotive dealership websites provide customers with a wide range of services. Some people even say that the most responsible part of buying a car from the auction is choosing a reliable broker.

How to pick a broker when planning to purchase a salvage or wrecked Mustang?

When you decide on a salvage, wrecked Mustang for sale, opt for a dealership that offers support during every stage of your cooperation. The services usually include:

  • access to the bidding without a license;
  • assistance with a car search;
  • bidding instead of a client;
  • car pre-inspection;
  • paperwork after purchase;
  • any needed transportation;
  • real-time car photo reports;
  • worldwide shipping;
  • shipment tracking;
  • arranging customs clearance;
  • customer support.

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