[VIDEO] Daughters blast their father for cheating on their mother Video breaks the web

Nearly 5 million people have seen a video of girls reading their father's text chats with another lady.

As internet users argue about whether the daughter's actions were proper, the video has become quite popular.

The children are reportedly Ugandans who reside in America.

They're reading through the messages between him and his sidechick while sitting in the living room, outraged that their mother is being mistreated and cheated on.

One daughter questions the father about his feelings about their mother's adultery. She screams, "Don't pretend like you don't know," as one of her daughters reads the notes.

[VIDEO] Daughters blast their father for cheating on their mother Video breaks the web

Another young woman reads a passage from the text, "I simply assumed that we would finish in a safe location." I'm so tired of it now that I am an adult. "I really miss your vibe." 

"Dad, you F8 up!" screams the girl to her father. The text goes on.

The note adds, "I know what's pleasant to you; trust me simply: next time it will be bloody if you can keep it up."

The father was about to go swimming with his side chick when he sent another text. "I want to sit on you, but I'll wait patiently till my cramps go away."

The first daughter is offended by the text discussion and yells, "That's nasty!" The father observes in silence while enjoying a cup of tea. People are responding to the video by calling the girls rude.

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