Comedian YY house he constructed for poor family

A family for whom standup comic Oliver Otieno built a home in Mumias, Kakamega, has voiced their grievances. Oliver Otieno is widely recognized by his nickname YY.

Roselyn Odhiambo and Willy's plight moved a lot of Kenyans, so YY built them a house. The parents had to sell their roofing iron sheets in May 2022 to pay for their son's hospital bills.

They lived in a mud-walled house and were exposed to extreme weather. YY was moved by their situation and volunteered to build them a house with a brick exterior on his own.

Comedian YY house he constructed for poor family

The family alleges that YY ditched them and that the building is about to crumble in November 2022.

"A well-wisher (YY) stopped by and volunteered to construct a new home for us. The construction seemed good at first, but as the days passed, I realized they weren't doing it correctly. The well-wisher came after they finished the roofing and promised to return with the doors, but I have never seen him again." 

"The house is fragile, and I am especially concerned about the bedroom walls because they shake a lot," Roselyn told West TV. 

About the comment, YY voiced his anger at the couple's lack of appreciation for his efforts and said that he felt misled.

The comedian insisted that he was not responsible for the house's deteriorating construction because the couple selected the masons themselves and rejected his advice to hunt for other professionals who could ensure the highest performance.

Comedian YY house he constructed for poor family

YY said that despite repeatedly visiting the site to check on the progress of the construction, the couple continually defended the masons despite recognizing their poor job.

The humorist remarked:

"I find it surprising that they opted to place the responsibility on me rather than the masons in their TV story.

"The masons admitted, he said, that they did not properly cure the concrete used to construct the house, which caused the walls and other structurally crucial factors to become fragile."

The development of concrete's strength and durability depends on curing.

The funny man stated he stopped doing maintenance on his land and gave the money to the struggling family, but they didn't seem to appreciate it.

He said he initially noticed red flags but decided to be friendly instead. One of the red flags was the fact that the couple persuaded the masons to build a bigger house than the one YY had agreed to finance.

Even in their conversation, he claimed, "I have not seen them express thanks; only blame games."

The comedian said he had learned his lesson and would proceed with greater caution in the future.

Although he said that investing such a large sum of money in the project was a hardship he chose to undergo, he now feels misled.

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