Crime scene in Mombasa

On Tuesday morning, the body of a Burundian national was discovered in the room of a guest house in Mombasa.

The lady, who has been named Ndayizeye Nadine, made a reservation at the Mika Guest House on Monday night in the company of a male who has not been seen since.

The manager of the hotel reportedly informed the police that there was a dead corpse in one of the guest rooms on Tuesday morning.

An investigation team that went to the crime scene reported finding a kitchen knife coated in blood smears, a 500-ml bottle of a liquid that seemed to be acid, and the clothing of the suspect as well as the person who was found dead.


The woman was also found holding a used condom. 

She had been stabbed in the chest as well as the neck.

According to the records, the two individuals had made the reservation for the room together the night before.

It is thought that the suspect, who has been identified as Mirigo Ogembo and is an adult man from Kenya, fled by climbing through the window.

The police have said that they are looking into a homicide case, but they have not yet determined why the person committed the crime.

The body was taken to the mortuary so that the autopsy and other procedures could be done.

According to the police, the search for the alleged attacker is still underway.

In another incident, a guy who was 56 years old and lived in the Matopeni neighbourhood of Nairobi took his own life inside his home.

The police have said that they have not yet determined the reason for the event that occurred on Tuesday night.

After some time had passed, the corpse was removed from the site and sent to a mortuary.

Another shock incident is of Stephen Kyuma, who was 41 years old at the time, was discovered dead at his residence in Umoja Two. The reason for the person's death is a mystery at this time.

The police have said that they are conducting an investigation into the event.

The dead man's corpse was discovered in his bed, and there were no obvious signs of injury on the body. 

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