Manzi wa Kibera with her old boyfriend photo

In her most recent interview, socialite Manzi Wa Kibera spoke candidly about a variety of topics, including her personal life, upbringing, and children.

Manzi Wa Kibera said in the interview that her long-term goal was to marry a Mzungu and noted that her present partner did not seem to have much time left in him.

She claims that the guy is dealing with a lot, including pressure and the need to provide several diabetic shots.

Manzi Wa Kibera photo

"Okay, huyo mzee kusema ukweli mimi venye nimekaa na yeye na zile pressure ana pitia mi sioni akikaa sana. As in "sioni akikaa sana kwa hii dunia kusema tuu ukweli ya mungu unaona." 

"Yeye huwa na changamoto mingi anadunga mashindano za diabetes na nini, so in the future, naangalia ka brown skin, hivi mbele."

In that interview, the socialite discussed her childhood in more detail and admitted that it had been challenging for her family.

She described how her family would go for days without eating.

Manzi Wa Kibera photo

Only when she had her big break in the entertainment sector in 2015, Manzi wa Kibera rescued.

"It was really difficult to resort to such conduct after spending days without nourishment. The turning point occurred when I attempted entertainment work in 2015."

She continued by saying that she was acting explicitly at the time and called herself a ratchet.

However, she acknowledged that she had now modified her behavior and was now encouraging young females to avoid making the same mistakes she had and to avoid conflict wherever possible.

"I was agitated." "I used to act immorally, but I've since changed my image and am now guiding young females to avoid similar experiences."

The irony in this is that she also said that the only reason she used dating websites was to look for someone who would pay her money, naturally in return for favors.

Manzi wa Kibera added that she needs to live well and would accept sh50,000 or sh30,000 if given the chance.

Manzi Wa Kibera photo

"I joined a lot of dating websites, where I met guys who paid me."

"I want a wonderful life; therefore, I won't say no if a guy offers me sh50,000 or sh30,000."

 "Mi sioni ubaya wacha ajue ndio ajue in future kutreat mwananmke."

She continued by saying she wouldn't be concerned if her kid learned what she did for a career, saying it would teach him how to respect men as he grows up. 

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