Big Booty teacher Lulu Menziwa photos

These images of Lulu Menziwa in class undoubtedly stir some trouble online.

The photos, however, fans claim, will create havoc with the pupils; they will undoubtedly even do it with her Instagram followers.

Pictures aren't doing justice to this appearance, the curvaceous teacher from KZN said after sharing these incredible photos.

According to that caption, Lulu Menziwa is certain that she is okay and wholeheartedly agrees with her fans, particularly in light of these stunning images.

She has impeccable fashion sense, and fans are curious what the other teachers at that KZN school think of her when they see her looking so stunning.

Who took those images is the key question that the majority of us are asking. Was it a pupil? Or maybe one of the instructors? In any case, the majority of her 346K Instagram followers seemed to like the images.

This is what one of the supporters said: "scizo100" An attractive teacher who will make you beg for detention I agree, Miss Menzies. I'd be happy to remain after class...

The second question that the majority of the fans ask is, "Where does Lulu Menziwa teach in KZN?"

Big Booty teacher Lulu Menziwa photos

"We need answers to this question, and whenever we do, you can be sure we'll let you know." Every other day, I'd want to speak with one of the students to see how the class is going.

Recall how Lulu Menziwa ran into difficulty in 2019 as a result of her images.

However, Lu is an excellent teacher since she has a BSc in Education Management and a Master's in Mathematics, but she can't help but worry if the children are not even a little distracted. 

Big Booty teacher Lulu Menziwa photos

Her clothing is usually form-fitting and will undoubtedly cause people to look three times, or maybe even four times.

Lulu Menziwa's shoes, worn in conjunction with those wonderful jeans, will make you forget about Cinderella's glass shoes.

Fans believe that these images of Lulu Menziwa, 30, in class would undoubtedly generate mayhem in the future. When she is not working, she even looks better!

Big Booty teacher Lulu Menziwa photos

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