Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy relationship is over. They broke up

The singer Nadia Mukami has said that her engagement with the man who fathered her child and was her fiancé, Arrow Bwoy, has ended.

Mukami said in a message that she posted on her various social media platforms that they had not been together in quite some time.

After that, she requested that the promoters who were attempting to book them as a duet get in contact with each member of the duo separately.

"Just to make it clear to the gentlemen who are attempting to book Arrow Boy and me. I have no more falsehoods to tell; we have been apart for some time, and we are no longer together as a couple."

"Please get in touch with the administration of each specific venue for reservations."

"One Love," Nadia Mukami said. 

After maintaining their relationship status as a well-guarded secret for a considerable amount of time, Nadia and Arrow finally came clean about their relationship in August 2021.

The singer, who became known for her single "Maombi," went on to explain that she decided to make her romance public because she now considers herself to be an adult who is prepared for a committed relationship.

After the Utumbe World CEO got down on one knee at Arrow Boy's record debut in March 2022 to drop the question, Arrow and Nadia decided to make their relationship official the same month.

As he sang the engagement song to his fiancée, Arrow Bwoy was spotted going down on one knee and proposing marriage to her.

Fans began to start cheering for Nadia and Arrow Boy after they announced that they are now engaged. Nadia's response was "Yes!".

Late in the month of March, the couple became parents for the first time to a newborn boy, whom they called Haseeb Kai. 

Arrow Bwoy said that the birth of his son was the most wonderful present he had ever been given.

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