Mombasa law courts

A guy who was accused of murdering his grandmother by slicing her neck has admitted to having carried out the heinous act that was said to have caused her death.


In a frightening revelation that lasted only two minutes, Abdulaziz Ali Swaleh told the court that he had joined a cult associated with the Illuminati, which instructed him to carry out the act of murdering his grandmother. 



Abdulaziz Ali Swaleh showed up before the principal magistrate in Mombasa, Vincent Adet.


"It is true that I put an end to her life. 


"I'm sorry, I beg for forgiveness, but the only reason I did it was because I just joined the Illuminati," he said in front of the judge.


The suspect further said that he was psychologically disturbed by the murder he committed, telling the court that he required medicines immediately to alleviate his anxiety. 


He went on to say that he was the one who perpetrated the murder.
Before he became quiet, he remarked, 


"My mind is not alright; I feel unsettled, and this is because there are medications that I regularly take; I need them." He then did not continue speaking.


Detectives brought Swaleh to court as part of a general application, which asked that he be kept at the central police station so that detectives could have more time to finish their investigations.


The court was told by the prosecutor Hillary Isiaho that the alleged perpetrator was a culprit in a murder event where it is claimed that he killed his grandmother by slicing her neck with a kitchen knife.


This information was provided in an affidavit that was brought before the court and sworn by police Constable Mohammed Mapenzi, who is affiliated with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). The court received the affidavit through the


Isiaho went to court and asked that the suspect be held without bail for 14 days so that police could finish their investigation.


"In the interest of justice, good order, public safety, and the suspect's safety, we want the days we asked for so that the suspect can fill out a mental evaluation form, possible witnesses can record statements, and investigations can be finished," he said.


The first findings of the inquiry suggest that the suspect killed his grandmother while she was sleeping on January 21, 2023, after she refused to give him money so that he could buy illegal substances.


The investigating judge said that the suspect must stay at the main police station for the next two weeks while the investigation is done.


In addition, he told a mental health professional to check out the suspect. 

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