Charlene Ruto photo on her 30 years birthday


Charlene Ruto, the youngest daughter of President William Ruto, turned thirty years old, and she has been pleased about the milestone birthday.


Charlene went to her official Twitter account while she was still in the mood to celebrate her birthday. The 30-year-old declared that she would love to gather feedback from the Kenyan youngsters on ideas they believe should be given top priority as they offer value to the nation.


"I eventually reached the dreaded third level last Wednesday, when I became another year older.


"I would want to spend my 30th birthday gaining perspective from the young people of Kenya."


"Please leave a comment or send me a direct message with the 30 things that you all believe we are capable of doing together this year," tweeted Charlene was a photo of her looking gorgeous in a white sequined dress as she signed the number 30 with her fingers. A Facebook post displaying the image followed the tweet.


She went on to say that she and her team would go through all of the posts that people would offer and then choose the best ones to concentrate on. This was the second part of her explanation.


Charlene further said that after sorting through the messages, she would discuss with Kenyan internet users the top 30 choices that they had come up with.
"I want us to engage in this endeavor so that we may contribute positively to our nation."


"We will reveal the top 30 next week," she said in her final tweet.


Last week, while Charlene was enjoying her birthday, she posted about it on her Instagram stories. She said that numerous people had questioned her about whether it was really true that she was turning thirty.


"I was instructed to confirm, so let me confirm that it is really my birthday today and that I will be turning 30. Nimeambiwa niconfirm, so wacha niconfirm," while expressing gratitude to God for the gift of life.


Charlene posted a message and uploaded a picture of herself to her phone. In the picture, she is surrounded by many bouquets of flowers, gift bags, and two beautiful cakes.


Charlene, the youngest daughter of President Ruto's children, is the most outspoken of all of them, particularly when it comes to political matters.


On November 26 and 27, Charlene was a topic of conversation on Twitter as a result of people wondering in what capacity she was participating in political issues.


This happened after her political trips, during which she went to county legislatures, met with governors, and went to Morocco on her own time, among other places.

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