"Mbili photo being assaulted by his wife

As Oga Obinna said in a statement that was made public, 2Mbili is going through a hard time that has not been easy to explain.

Kenyan comedian 2Mbili is not getting better after his baby mom put him down in front of everyone.

As stated in a post by Oga Obinna, 2Mbili has been going through a hard time, which has not been easy to explain.

Obinna said that 2Mbili has been beaten, attacked with a knife, and sometimes burned with hot water.

The baby mom has escalated the situation to the point that she is abusing the children as a kind of punishment for the baby daddy, and she has also locked him out of the house.

Obinna said that he has made the decision to let everyone know what has been going on because 2Mbili has been suffering and there is still time to do something about the situation before it is too late.

"Mbili photo being assaulted by his wife


In the video that Obinna uploaded to YouTube, 2mbili can be seen gravely bleeding, and he adds that this was the third time that the event had occurred.

The funny man said that they had done everything possible, including reporting the attack to offices that dealt with gender-based violence as well as the local police station, but still nothing had been done.

In spite of the fact that he had all of the proof, 2Mbili decided to remain for the sake of his children. However, the attacks have persisted, and he needs all of the assistance that he can get.

Oga Obinna continued by saying that it is quite upsetting that men do not get the assistance that they need when it comes to GBV. 


He raised concerns about the unfairness of the system and said that no one has the right to physically assault another individual.

In his response to the tale, comedian YY stated that 2mbili once lied about being assaulted by thugs in order to cover up the fact that he had been burned with hot water.

"Mbili photo being assaulted by his wife


According to YY, it is essential for males to be able to recognize when it is time to walk away from unhealthy relationships. 

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