Recent news stories say that Haji Manara, a flamboyant Tanzanian football official and billionaire, has broken up with his second wife.

Billionare Haji Manara with his wives in Dubai


Jeff Kinyanjui, a sports journalist, claims that Manara divorced his second wife following the much-publicized trip to Dubai that he took with both of his wives. 


During this trip, he was photographed with both of his wives.


It is speculated that the primary cause of their divorce was a breakdown in communication between him and his second wife.


Manara is said to have said that witchcraft was to blame for him getting tricked into marrying a second wife.


It has been said that he has expressed how much he likes his first wife, Ruby, and how he does not desire any involvement with his second wife.


Manara's second marriage took place in April of the previous year.


To make amends for taking on a second wife, he went ahead and bought her a brand new vehicle.  


Billionare Haji Manara with his wives in Dubai


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