Justina Syokau twendi twendi thilii 2023 song

Justina Syokau, the amazing vocalist who was responsible for the blockbuster song "twendi twendi" (2020), has returned with a new song titled "twendi twendi thilii, 2023."

On December 27th, Justina, who is notorious for releasing songs before the New Year, released "2023," a song that has already racked up more than 100,000 views on YouTube.

The vibrant music is full of merriment and positive energy, and the dancing routines are full of enthusiasm. 


It is said that the year 2023 will be one of growth, advancement, grace, a breakthrough, and many profitable opportunities.


Justina Syokau twendi twendi thilii 2023 song

At the beginning of the song, a vocalist is shown giving a presentation on business in a setting that is reminiscent of an office. The subjects of discussion include profitability, growth, fruitfulness, and turnover.

Justina brings the normal Kamba feelings to the stage. She doesn't shy away from dancing and gives an exciting performance with an upbeat message that gives people hope for 2023.

Others of her fans criticised her for ruining 2023 and said we should move on to 2024 instead of praising her for the song and her energy.


Some of her admirers applauded her for the song and commended her vitality. Others questioned her even regarding her credentials as a gospel singer.

Some of her supporters have voiced their dissatisfaction with her for "clout chasing" in order to have the song released. 

A few weeks ago, followers ridiculed other fans for allegedly manipulating photos of her physique to make it seem curvier than it really is.

The gospel singer gained widespread recognition with the publication of her song "Twendi Twendi" in the year 2020. She predicted that the year 2020 would be a favourable one, one that would be rich in affluence and blessed with good fortune.

After a few months had passed in the year 2020, internet users began to make fun of her and blame her for ruining the year for them since it was the year that the nation first encountered Corona.

In 2021, she published the song "Twendi Twendi Wani," which was about the process of restoration. 


Later in 2022, she released a song in which she said that she would become a leader since God had anointed her and made her the head rather than the tail. 

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