Ezekiel Gitangwa's wife, Gladys Bonareri, surprised after death of her husband

The corpse of a primary school teacher who was last seen in Nyamira on December 30 has been discovered at the home of a nurse. The teacher was reported missing on that day.


On December 30, Ezekiel Gitangwa's wife, Gladys Bonareri, contacted the Office of Missing Persons (OB) to report her husband as missing.


A boda boda driver reportedly dropped Getankwa off in Egesieri village on the Nyamira Miruka Highway the same day, according to a police report.


According to the police report, the investigation was directed by information to the residence of a nurse in the town of Nyamira, where the corpse was found wrapped in a carpet.


According to what was said in the report, "A missing person report was circulated and a search was started." "Intelligence led the police to the residence of a health worker," and they conducted a search there.


The door of the residence had to be broken down in order for the police to go inside since the owner was nowhere to be located.


The dead corpse was discovered in one of the chambers that had been functioning as a chicken coop.


The decaying process had begun with the corpse. Since then, inquiries have been made into the matter.


The body was taken to the mortuary at the Nyamira County Referral Hospital so that the autopsy could be done.  

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