former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Miss Kibanja in one photo.

Concerned Kenyans have been gossiping about Miss Kibanja, Chipukeezy's ex-girlfriend, and former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

Despite posting the images days apart, the two have both used the same location in their social media posts.

Some Kenyans have concluded that  "hii ilienda" simply means that this one is settled.

Miss Kibanja celebrated her birthday two days ago and wrote about it.

Joho just recently made a post on January 6, 2023.

Chipukeezy backed Miss Kibanja by claiming that she isn't a socialite first of all when chatting with YouTuber Mungai Eve. 

After their surprise breakup, the former Churchill Show comic refuses to reveal whether or not they still speak.

"I dislike bringing up absent people in conversation. You may assist her by purchasing from her web store. Whether or whether I speak to her is none of your concern," said Chipukeezy.

Chipukeezy admits he had learned a lesson after they had been writing to each other for months, first displaying their amazing love and later with Miss Kibanja. 

He wants to have private relationships and dates.

former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Miss Kibanja in one photo.

"I want someone to enjoy themselves and not feel pressured by social media when we are together. "

He says, "I've done it before, and I've learned my lesson."

Joho is well known for taking luxury flights on vacation to rest and relax with young ladies.

former Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Miss Kibanja in one photo.

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