In one of the discussions, James, a pastor in Nairobi, said that since he became involved in a cult, he has been sacrificing six members of his congregation on an annual basis. He is responsible for the deaths of sixty people in all.


He claims that he was ordained as a pastor while he was still a young man, and that at the time, he had just been married and had one kid.


Because his church had so few members, he looked up to his elders, who had a significant number of followers.


He used to go to meetings of the dioceses so that he might get knowledge from other pastors in order to win over followers.


After one year, he was contacted by a guy who was an archbishop and informed that he had been a highly active member of the organization. 


He told him in a casual way that he was interested in what they did because he wanted to get more people to come to his church.


Popular pastor admits killings congregants to fill his chuch photo


The archbishop set up an appointment with him, and when they got together, he informed him that he was at the correct spot and that what he needed to do was offer him followers, and in exchange, give him followers, in order for his church to grow full and also wealthy.


He was taken on another date, but instead of telling his wife about it, he kept it a secret for all this time. 


When they first spoke, he was handed a ten-year deal to sign on the spot. They told him that every year he had to kill six people from his congregation as a sacrifice.


To get things started, he had to choose between sacrificing his brother or his sister. 


He went with his brother and was then presented with the contract to sign, which required him to have a cut made on his finger and use the blood from the wound as his signature.


Additionally, he was presented with a ring and instructed not to take it off under any circumstances. 


A few months had passed when his brother was killed in an accident in which he had been involved.


Because of the growth of his congregation, wealthy individuals were able to come and support his ministry. Strange things were happening to those who attended his church.


After one year, he did a head count to see how many individuals had passed away, and the total was six. Because of the success of his company, he amassed a lot of wealth.


After ten years, he returned and was informed that in order for him to become a leader, he would need to sacrifice his mother and his son; however, he told them to allow him some more time.


He was terrified of outliving both his mother and his child. After removing the ring, he waited a year before instructing his driver to accompany his son and his mother to Murang'a so that they might attend an event there.


According to him, they were involved in an accident that resulted in the immediate deaths of both his mother and his kid, while the driver walked away from the incident unharmed.


Because he is now sorry for the choice he made, he emphasized to others the need to exercise caution while making choices.



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