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Gospel singer Justina Syokau has given a furious response to allegations that she is responsible for the outbreak of super gonorrhea, which has been reported in the country's capital.

During her response, which she posted on Facebook Live, Syokau questioned the motives of those who accuse her of being responsible for the spread of the STI. 

Syokau also stated that she was greatly affected by the charges that she was transmitting the STI, to the degree that she was forced to ask her followers to describe to her how one develops gonorrhea and transfers it to others.

"Wacha ni address this once and for all. Kuna watu walisema nilileta gonorrhea Kenya ati mimi ndo mimi ndo nimeleta hii super gonorrhea. 

" Let me know from the comment section vile munaelewa na vile unajua na uniambie hio ni nini ata super gonorrhea muniambie ni nini. Kwa sababu mimi naskia asira sana nimekasirika sana. I have never felt the way I am feeling," Justina Syokau complained.

"Hao watu ambao wanasema nilileta gonorrhea Kenya ebu muniambie, mushare hii broadcast iwafikie. Muniambie how I am spreading the gonorrhea and how I have become the blame of gonorrhea in Kenya. Ebu mtu aniambie kwa comment section kitu kwa sababu naskia kulia sahi," she added.

"Yani hakuna kitu inaniudhi kama mtu kuniongelelea gonorrhea, wewe unajua gonorrhea ni nini? Muniambie gonorrhea ni nini, muniambie imepatikana aje, why are people talking like that about my song. 

" Somebody is talking about gonorrhea in my song. Unawezaje kusema mimi niliimba kupanuliwa nkaleta gonorrhea," she said.

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