Jua Kali series cast. Jua Kali actors real names

Jua Kali is a popular Tanzanian Bongo television series, which can be seen on GoTV's Maisha Magic Bongo channel 5.

Jua Kali on Maisha Magic Bongo depicts positions taken on by people of both genders, with the actors' biographies, true names, net worth, and acting roles all being made public.

The majority of the dialogue in the show portrays the real lives of people who have wealth and those in poor conditions.

Tanzania Jua Kali Series Cast 

The following list contains the real names of the actors and actresses in Jua Kali Bongo.

Tanzania Jua Kali actors real  names

  1.  Professor Bill - Rainfred J. Masako
  2. Mrs Bill - Sauda Simba
  3. Bill Jr - Romeo George
  4. Frank - Abbott Charles Mbandwa
  5. Anna - Godliver Gordian
  6. Nailah - Meninah Abdulkareem
  7. Mr Thomas - Stanley Msungu
  8. Mrs Thomas - Irene Paul 
  9. Eva - Sia Tarimo
  10. Mr Michael - Godfrey Rugalabamu
  11. Mrs Michael (Mary) - Coletha R. Nkendyanoni
  12. Tumain - Wanswakula Z. Lotti 
  13. Kenzo (Ben) - Khaleed S. Mohamed
  14. Kitundu - Raidonus V. Pensel 
  15. Emma - Saida K. Zuberi
  16. Vivian - Lulu A. Chahangwa
  17. Dominic - Emmanuel B. Simwinga
  18. Mama Sophy - Bi Wand
  19. Maria - Mariana Mdee
  20. George - Poul Mutthissse
  21. Mr. Tope - Steve Mangere
  22. G Boy - Msami J. Gusa
  23. Mama Nailah - Chausiku M. Lukinga
  24. Suzy - Tishi Abdallah
  25. Sophy - Asfa Omary
  26.  Bi Anna - Angela Pius
  27. Mr Kaka - Issa A. Mbura
  28. Mama Eva Magreth J. Bandala
  29. Omary Shalom Japhet
  30. Felix Dennis L. Laswai
  31. Tizo Juma A. Mkwabi
  32.  Mika Conrad K. COY
  33. Luca Isanto Mwakaludile
  34. Anita Anale D. Senkoro
  35. Mama Suzy Mwanafakia R. Kayumbo
  36. Suzy Chausiku Mlikinga
  37. Hellen Josephine R. Shora
  38. Iddy Mohamed O. Kingara
  39. Semeni Dorice Kaizilege

Jua Kali Bongo actors and actresses Roles / Real Names.

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