Bungoma Jesus Mwalimu Yesu or Jesus of Tongaren photo
Mwalimu Yesu.

Bungoma Jesus Mwalimu Yesu explains how the journey started 2000 years ago to reclaim the world where only 160,000 people will see him while 8 billion people will be burned in hell. 


On a typical Saturday, you may find him at his home, which is also the location of the worship session that he and his congregation members attend.


According to the man who goes by the name Mwalimu Yesu and also by the name Jesus of Tongaren, he lived around 2,000 years ago. 


Bungoma Jesus Mwalimu Yesu or Jesus of Tongaren photo


The self-proclaimed Jesus claimed to have had a vision in which he became Jesus and that the vision came from heaven. 2009 was the year when I was consecrated as Jesus, and this event took place.


Mwalimu said that he bases his teachings on the Bible and that his followers hold him in high esteem. 


This guy has been married to his partner, who goes by the name Nabii Benjamin, and together they have raised eight children. 


But how exactly did she end up in a relationship with this guy?She recounts that one day, while she was going about her business, a voice commanded her to take a specific route into the woods.


She did as she was told and eventually found what she was looking for. She was instructed to track down the voice's son and do whatever he (the son) said.


"I ascended to the top of the mountain, where I discovered this guy. I cannot express how grateful I am to have been selected out of all the ladies that live on this earth.


 "It's not like I was some kind of exceptional person or something. That is the reason I am in this room. It's all part of God's master plan,"she mentioned it in a very casual manner.


On the other hand, Mwalimu provided a response to any query about the Bible that was directed to him.He argues that we are living in the latter days and that he is the same Jesus that is described in the Bible. 


On the other hand, he believes that because of the level of sin that exists in the world, only a small percentage of its eight billion inhabitants will be able to enter paradise.


Bungoma Jesus Mwalimu Yesu or Jesus of Tongaren photo


The guy is attended to and protected by angels, in addition to the disciples who surround him. 


They would sing praises to him, bend down to him, and adore him while the ritual was going on.


When making his case that certain foods shouldn't be eaten by people, the person gives the teachings of the Old Testament a lot of weight.


It is taboo to consume pigs, rabbits, ducks, and different forms of fish, among other animals. "All that is required of us is to listen to what the Lord has to say."


His church is structured in parts, and those who are abstaining from food are kept apart from the rest of the congregation. In certain religious communities, women are barred from communicating with other members of the congregation. 


This is because they will be on their period and deemed "unclean" since they are menstruating.


The guy claims that he will continue to exist for the next 77 years, at which point he will choose the people who will go to paradise.He says that the people who are chosen will come from every country in the world.


According to the self-proclaimed "son of your god," Kenya has plans to "consume" other nations. He said that his ministry and mission were not limited to the county of Bungoma, where he was born and grew up.


The people who went to his church held him in the highest regard, and they were amazed by his ability to heal the sick and do other amazing things.

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