Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya alias Baha


Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya, a famous young couple in Kenya, are now in the centre of attention as a result of the release of steamy videos of Georgina. 


Recent videos of Baha's wife that were posted on social media quickly gained widespread attention.


According to reports, the two adored birds married and had a child. The video that was stolen is putting their marriage in jeopardy.


You can see the videos live on Telegram. Simply do a search on Telegram for the term "Nairobi Youth Leak or Nairobi Leaks" to get access to the exclusive channels.


When exactly did the leaked footage become public?

On January 4, 2022, unknown persons shared the videos publicly on the internet. In addition, watermarks on the videos reveal that they were captured on April 4; the year in which the recordings were made is not known at this time, although it is most likely 2021.


According to some sources, Georgina Njenga may have been the one who intentionally shared the videos online. There's also the possibility that the videos fell into the wrong hands.


According to some other accounts, the recordings were shared on the internet by a close friend of Georgina's named Dan (@dan45at). 


According to a well-known site, they reveal screenshots between the tea master Edgar Obare and the individual who is supposed to have released the tapes.


The term "Baha" is presently trending on Twitter as a result of the breach that occurred on Telegram. Kenyans have banded together to respond to this crisis.


Kenyans on Twitter have a variety of perspectives on this matter; some of them believe that Andrew Kibe sent a warning to Baha over this.

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