Agnes Nkanya, MCA aspirant for the Magumoni ward
Agnes Nkanya. ~ Courtesy

Agnes Nkanya, a thirty-year-old candidate for Member of the County Assembly (MCA) from Tharaka Nithi, abandoned her employment—a permanent, pensionable public service position at the agricultural ministry at Ksh40,000 per month.

She resigned her job to pursue what she believed would be a "greener pasture" with a salary of Ksh144,375, only for it to fail.

When Nkanya resigned her well-paying, permanent job, she had high expectations for a better opportunity.

She had reached the top of her career as a public servant, and she was ready to use her skills in a new way by becoming the MCA for the Magumoni ward.

She resigned her employment and competed for the post, which drew six other competitors; she was the only woman and the youngest candidate.

She came in third place in those contests.

Nkanya, a once-vibrant public worker, has become a mere shell of her former self after spending her hard-earned money on her campaign for the post.

She has reverted to working as a construction project laborer, dubbed "Mjengo," where she makes Ksh500 per day on a good day, due to the financial damage the campaigns inflicted on her.

In order to support her daughter, whom she raises alone, she also works at a car wash.

Nkanya, an overworked single mother, reveals to the country that she was obliged to do the construction project despite having no experience.

She pontificates that it has been difficult due to the hard labor, which is often associated with men.

Agnes Nkanya, MCA aspirant for the Magumoni ward

She said that she stood for MCA on the ticket of the Devolution Party, which was chaired by Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki.

"I was among the frontier youngsters who sought ladies and numbers in order for Ruto to establish a foothold in our county, but regrettably, no one was available to grasp our hands.

"At this time, I am revealing my suffering, not to elicit sympathy, but so that someone else may avoid experiencing what I have endured."

You waste a great deal of money in politics; you waste your savings. "I have no safety net to fall back on," she continued.

Nkanya has now urged President William Ruto to nominate young individuals who fought for Kenya Kwanza.

In addition, she has asked that Ruto and Kindiki assist her in regaining her footing by rehiring her at the Ministry of Agriculture.

"I cannot pretend that I am not in pain. I beg the President, Professor Kindiki, and Governor Njuki for assistance," she begged.

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