Peter "Miracle Baby," a Gengetone musician, and Katrue have a child

Peter "Miracle Baby," a Gengetone musician, and Katrue, a Mugithi vocalist who is also Peter's fiancee, welcomed their first child on Friday.

This is the singer's fifth child from Gengetone.

The happy news that the couple was about to become parents was shared on social media.

They announced the news in a video that was uploaded on Instagram with the caption "Hello, baby Rhonix."

Complimentary words were sent by acquaintances, family, and admirers in the space for postings.

"Miracle Baby" once said in an interview that she felt compelled to give the child she adopted a home since "one was left at my doorstep in a basin." "Yet, I believe that he is mine since we have very similar appearances."

He said that he wants to have 17 children when questioned about why he can't just settle down with one lady.

"No mother in her right mind would consent to have 17 children." "The baby mothers are friendly with one another and know one another," he said.

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