Faith Vaati Musyoki has said that she expects a dowry of one million Kenyan shillings. She stated that she had always admired the comedian Mulamwah.

A picture of Vaati carrying a banner that explained why she and Mulamwah should be together and the reasons why she loves him went viral, and this was one of the reasons why.

Faith Vaati Musyoki and Mulamwah photo

On the 30th of January 2023, Vaati said to a local YouTuber that she was suitable for the role of a wife since she had all of the desirable characteristics.

Vaati also disclosed the fact that her parents had paid for her transportation to Nairobi so that she could see Mulamwah because of her unending love for him.

"Bei ya kwetu saa hii inaread one million. The elders won't mind more. You know sometimes you see that a woman is good and so you decide to add more money to appreciate her, baadala ya kutoa Ksh1m, unaongezea," she stated.

Vaati acknowledged that her goals were honest and sincere while exhibiting confidence, and she is hoping that the comedian would reach out to her. Vaati is optimistic that she will hear from the comedian.

"Hii kitu nimenyamazia kwa mda naskia inaniumiza. So I decided to come and shot my shot," she said.

"Hii ni mapenzi,niko serious mi ni wife material naomba tuu anipee hiyo chance. I am wife material because I know how to cook, I know how to welcome my man back home from work with hugs and kisses," she added.

In addition, the woman who was hopelessly romantic said that she adored Mulamwah because of his demeanor and the "amazing" stuff that he creates.

Faith Vaati Musyoki and Mulamwah photo

Faith also reported that she had been threatened by other women who asserted that they were the comedian's legitimate companions. These other women claimed that the comic should be with them.

However, the two met in the last two days and Mulamwah gifted her a phone and 10K. The lady promised to be there for him. 

According to Mulamwah, she was a cool lady and sweet in nature and would like to start off things but not immediately. 

" Nimcute sana, naona pia tunaendana. Tutaona vile itakua. Hakuna haraka viile, " he said.

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