Shabiki Quick Cash Jackpot QJP and SJM

Shabiki now has new jackpots. They turned the Qatar World Cup jackpot(QJP) into quick cash jackpots(QJP), with a betting stake of Sh5 to win Sh60,000.

You may participate in the Quick Cash Jackpot by sending an SMS to the following short code: 29063.

Shabiki Quick Cash Jackpot -QJP

The Quick Cash Jackpot is based on the seven (7) football games that have already been chosen from the Premier League, which is the top level of English football.

The jackpot winnings are a cash reward of sixty thousand shillings. You may place your bets for the jackpot both over the phone and online at

Each player can enter each jackpot as many times as they want, and the smallest bet is 5 Kenyan shillings.

Shabiki Sh 1 Million Jackpot -SJM

Shabiki has also played 11 matches. Shabiki Jackpot Mid-Week (SJM) is the jackpot for the middle of the week. Predict 11 games correctly to win Sh 1,000,000, staking Sh 12. This jackpot has mostly cup matches and Premier League matches.

To claim victory in the match, a player must first win all seven of their predictions. The prize money from the jackpot is distributed fairly among all of the winners.

When there are several jackpot winners, depending on the total number of winners, there may be situations where the ultimate payoff to a winning client is less than the stake that was placed.

This jackpot does not come with any additional incentives. There is no way to utilize bonus money or free bets to wager on the jackpot games.

Bets may be placed on the jackpot prior to the beginning of the first match that is scheduled to take place. Once a jackpot is placed, it cannot be canceled or altered in any way.

If a match is canceled or moved from its original date or time but is rescheduled to take place no later than the announced start time of the final match on the jackpot list, then all choices will still count toward the prize.

In line with the provisions of Section 35(1)(i) and Section 35(h) of the Income Tax Act, a withholding tax of twenty percent will be applied to any and all jackpot prizes.

Winners will be subject to a tax deduction, which will be collected and sent to the Kenya Revenue Authority on their behalf.

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