Betty Kyallo to get married again

Betty Kyallo is once again engaged, although covertly. Until she is married, she is interested in keeping her budding love a secret.

At the reopening of her beauty salon, "Flair By Betty," the mother of one spoke to Jalang'o about her enigmatical boyfriend.

"You have a new boyfriend, so why haven't you shown him anywhere?" Jalango inquired about Betty.

The famous person in the media said she wanted to be discreet about her new relationship and that she planned to date in secret until she got married.

Betty Kyallo said, "I feel like this time I want to do it differently and simply date on the undercover because naonaga hii kitu ya kuweka wasee vitu mingi online sometimes zina kacurse kidogo, so I want to put uko chini mbaka sasa tuamue tuoane nini nini."

"Muoane? So you're planning to get married once again this time?" asked Jalang'o.

Betty said, "Waallai, yes."

So, are you prepared to make another trip down the aisle?" Jalango enquired.

Betty said she wouldn't be planning a big wedding because she doesn't like big displays of love and money as much as she used to.

"I don't believe I'll attend those lavish weddings now that I've seen how important two people are to them. This fanfare sijui mababy showers, I'm just like, "Be happy; I'm going to do something wonderful," "she said.

"" How long have you two been dating?" Jalang'o questioned.

The mother of one said that she had been having a covert relationship with her unidentified partner for nearly a year.

"Roughly a year," she said.

Betty Kyallo said that she really cannot wait to become an expecting mother once again since her daughter Ivanna has been clamouring for siblings since she suggested having babies numbers two to five.

"Of course, I believe that I should have done so. Ivanna has pleaded for a brother and a sister. Ntamtafutia, Ntangangana, or someone else, in my opinion, ought to take care of her," Betty said.

After splitting with Nick Ndeda, Betty Kyallo decided to rigorously avoid having her love life


During an August 2022 conversation, the media personality-turned-entrepreneur apologized for posting about her ex-boyfriend on social media.

Kyallo said it was wrong to try to show off Ndeda on what she called her "private" social media sites.

"With my last engagement, I made him public on social media, and I've decided never to do that again. When it comes to my social media area, we should quit encroaching on one another," she remarked.

Significantly, throughout their interaction, Betty was the one posting often, while Ndeda hardly ever brought up their connection.

After months of rumours and keeping their relationship a secret, the former K24 news presenter officially revealed Ndeda to the public.

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