Kate actress, Elsa Majimbo and Deborah Chebet Rono
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Content creator Deborah Chebet Rono has taken Kate actress, Elsa Majimbo to task for allegedly "copying" her work.

Rono has accused the two individuals of copying her work and passing it off as their own in a chain of videos and tweets that have been made public.

"I'm calling everyone out. Kate, actress, stop imitating me. Elsa Majimbo, stop duplicating me. What do you mean, you are out of material?" "I'm calling everybody out," she said.

Rono continued her line of argument by asserting that Elsa was imitating all that she had said and done.

"Elsa, say something I haven't stated. They imitate everything that I do, mahn," she remarked on her Twitter account. "I'm so sick of it."

@ElsaAngel19: "Say anything I haven't uttered."

Chebetonsteroids (@IamRonoh), taken from Twitter. March 3, 2023In the year 2021, Rono was obliged to vindicate herself as a result of the many matches that were made between her and Elsa. This came about because the vast majority of her admirers complained that Majimbo had ripped off her comedic persona.

Rono voiced her dissatisfaction with the situation and criticized the comparison, arguing that it was inappropriate and that what really counted was how well she delivered her work.

"A lot of people compared me to Elsa, which at first was acceptable because, as you probably already know, when Rihanna is on the market, Beyonce has to say something or people have to say something about it.

"When I first started working in this field, I realized that it was inevitable for individuals to make comparisons between themselves and others. And they would do it to my face, and after a while, I reached the point where I no longer cared. "That's a bummer," she said at the moment.

"Comparing yourself to others is the very last thing you should do." That is terrible in every way. "As long as I am a channel, and as long as I am Deborah Chebet Ronoh to the best of my ability, everything else matters," she went on.

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