Kikuyu musician Samidoh and Edday Nderitu

Edday Nderitu, who is married to the Kikuyu musician Samidoh, wrote a letter to him in February of this year about how unhappy she was with him. The note was addressed to Samidoh.

After having to deal with difficulties in their relationship for the last 15 years, she offered him an injunction and gave him the impression that she had dissolved their marriage.

"It was a simple beginning when little was sufficient for us, but for the last three years, it has been filled with nothing but sorrow. It has been precisely 15 years since we were married, and it has been turbulent the whole time."

"I have stayed true to you despite being treated disrespectfully and humiliated, as well as mocked on social media...

" You have made me appear stupid and have taken my silence for granted," she stated in her letter.

Edday went on to say that she had no intention of bringing up her children in a polygamous relationship, and she accused Karen Nyamu of being a wrecker.

Kikuyu musician Samidoh and Edday Nderitu

"I have aided you in cultivating your skill and encouraged you every step of the way, but one thing I have stated to you and I am stating here again is that I will not allow my children to grow up in a polygamy household," she continued, ", particularly with a lady who is older compared to me by more than ten years and has no ethics and zero regards for my family, "kiura Kia ngaba," as you call it."

She just put up a video challenge on the social media site TikTok that was based on the song "single again" by Harmonise. She sent tweets with the hashtag "Single again."

Someone who is a fan of hers informed her that since she has no other choices, she wouldn't ever divorce Samidoh.

"Huyu ata inje ya gate hawezi toka, anatoka aende wapi na aanzie wapi na ameishi kufikiria kua goat wife ni ticket to pleasure," commented the individual, a fan.

This infuriated Edday, who responded by making fun of the commentator and writing, "Ebu amka usikojoe kwa kitanda."

Edday was pushed by other people to remain in her marriage, but she chooses to think of herself as a single woman. "Usitoke Edday, we are all single again in our marriages at some moments."

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