TikTok, long praised as the place to find up-and-coming creativity and the wellspring of all-around moments of self-contentment, is now steadily degenerating into a dam of wickedness as hundreds of Kenyans use the app to display their bare business.

Others have been keeping a watch on the wee TikTok hours when viewing public TikTokers go online to delegitimize themselves and participate in insensitive and undesired behaviours for the last several months.

It's time we spoke about what occurs on Kenyan TikTok around 2-3 a.m., dude, said a user who goes by the name @tviewws on Twitter.

During those wee hours, dozens of Netizens flocked online as if on script to report their adventures using Kenyan Tiktok.

These circumspect and cunning Tiktokers consider broadcasting during what we would refer to as "nighttime hours" out of concern that their accounts will be detected and then banned from the well-known video-sharing app.

Kenyan Tiktokers recommend to just go live clearly past nap time in hopes of attracting resembling people who may not inevitably disclose them for tearing the TikTok Terms of Service, which, under community guidelines, state, "You may not use the Services to upload, transmit, distribute, store, or otherwise make available in any way (including for the purposes of creating and/or streaming content) any User Content that is offensive."

Although it has been reported that some Tiktokers execute bad activities on themselves while going live, other Kenyan Tiktokers choose to stream themselves chewing khat (miraa) and engaging in exclusive grown-up chat during these ominous hours.

Several TikTok users commenting on the Twitter discussion claim that some TikTokers even broadcast to propagate the myth of "devil worship" while engaging in cultic rites.

When soliciting via TikTok's version of rapid monetary assistance in the form of "gifts," some female abusers are allegedly hanging their phone numbers and asking for financial support throughout the day.

"This world is insane. Lord have mercy is all I can say after seeing some of these Tiktoks during those times. At such a moment, anything that is unimaginable is done. I can't picture teens or even younger kids having access to TikTok at that time, what with all the chaos and filth. Parents must exercise extreme caution, "according to Roy Mwangi, a worried Tiktoker.

Lives on TikTok vanish instantly when the session is over and are not saved for subsequent viewing.

The individual going live also has complete control over what they post and who sees it in the event that a displeased user causes issues during the live by quickly blocking the user in real-time.

"I've been waiting for this talk, which was tweeted by @JemillaMN, a person with the handle @JemillaMN. Including all other live Kenyan TikTok sessions. Total, undiluted, unrestrained cringe!"

One of the most well-known live producers on Tiktoker, whose username we can't reveal here owing to its graphic nature, has sessions that are hours long and filled with graphic stuff.

Also, the user publishes grown-up content on her status and is notorious for sometimes bringing her young kid along for the ride.

She was being urged to remove the video and stop acting this way by almost 90% of the commenters. Over 300 people have "liked" the video. She's not alone. There are some Tiktokers who have achieved notoriety.

Some individuals aren't even afraid of the sunrise; as early as nine on Tuesday morning, they were boldly promoting their phone numbers to prospective customers while live-advertising their bodies and asking them to define the kind of bad content they desired.

Seasoned media professional and One of the well-known figures Ciku Muiruri. that has been watching the trend and felt the need to voice their discontent.

The fiery former radio DJ said on Facebook: "Parents, TikTok has taken a dark turn and is no longer the friendly site it once was."

"Individuals are uploading films of devil worship, moms are demanding money to force their teenage daughters to do dubious dance movements, and it seems to be a free site at 2-3 am. And I'm not referring to outsiders; these people are from Kenya. Have compassion on us all, God."

Hundreds of her admirers flooded the comment stream, echoing her feelings and pleading with readers to just "uninstall TikTok."

"Parents must use particular caution. My five-year-old daughter enjoys watching young girls dance on Tiktok and often takes my phone. I'm always observing what she's viewing."

"Parents must also do it. I can't see my kid coming across any of these things at such a young age." Roy bemoaned that Tiktok seemed to be doing nothing regarding it.


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