Jacob Stephens with his loving wife

Popular Bongo actor Jacob Stephen, better known by his stage name, JB, has been in the entertainment industry for a long time.


He began acting in the 1990s and became popular in the 2000s with Grace Mapunda, Tito Zimbwe, Fatuma Makongoro, the late Steven Kanumba, Nice Mohammed, Wema Sepetu, and Irene Uwoya, among others.


Married with one child, JB transformed the Tanzanian film industry after founding Jerusalem Films. That revolutionised the entertainment industry.


Jacob Stephens with his loving wife
Jacob Stephens with his loving wife 

Jacob Stephen is a Tanzanian actor, film producer, and director. His stage name is JB, and he is also known as Bonge la Bwana. She is best known for her role in DJ Ben, starring Wema Sepetu and Irene Uwoya.


Tanzanian Jacob Stephen films/movies

Some of his works include Lost Adam, Off Side, A Fair Decision, The Senior Bachelor, and Peace of Mind, among other movies.


Jacob Stephen "JB" Anderson is a film director and actor. He told his wife he loved her and promised to keep their marriage in 2015 with a bigger message.

 Jacob Stephen family and wife

JB posted a picture on Instagram with his wife to celebrate their several years of marriage.

"My wife, my friend, and I love art. On a day like today, when we entered the church and took the oath of life, nothing has changed or will change until death do us part. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MY WIFE. May God continue to bless our marriage," wrote JB.

Jacob Steven has made it clear that his biggest success in the art world from the very beginning was the influence of his fellow artist, Single Mtambalike aka Richie.

JB has made it clear that, in his initial steps into acting, he was getting inspiration from Richie and that, partly, he was doing this art to satisfy his friend and not for the goals of becoming a big actor.

This artist has said that, after Richie's initial efforts to draw him into the performing arts, this work has now become a part of his life while he has the best job in the market, being the owner of a film production company that he has named Jerusalema.

 Tanzania Actor Jacob Stephen net worth

Jacob Stephen's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Jacob Stephen gets his money through movies, series like Huba, the Jerusalema Film Company, and being a brand ambassador, among other deals.

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