Peter Salasya, a legislator for Mumias East, has given an explanation of why he disagrees with content creator Azziad Nasenya, who was recently named to the Talanta Hela Kenya program by Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababau Namwamba.

Azziad Nasenya and Peter Salasya

Salasya justified his stern response to the selection in a discussion with Eve Mungai, stating he had no personal beef with Azziad.

"Azziad is not an issue for me. If she is qualified, she deserves the position. Nakapenda sana. Ni crush, " "said Salasya.

Salasya had said that the CS chose Azziad, a lady he was totally obsessed with her.

Nevertheless, the MP addressed the contentious remarks regarding the circumstance, asserting that Namwamba, not Nasenya, was the issue.

He voiced concern that Namwamba, after promising to attend an event, had not turned up to a competition he had planned. He claimed that he had spotted the two together when he was attempting to get in touch with the CS and had been annoyed by the circumstance.

Azziad Nasenya and Ababu Namwamba

"The CS was the cause of the issue. He said he would attend my competition but never did. I called him several times, but he never answered. So, what if you only see him na ule mdada if an MP doesn't return your calls? Why not speak to me, an MP, instead of her?" said Salasya.

The MP continued by criticizing Namwamba for preferring to work with women like Nasenya rather than leaders like him while also not responding to him.

Salasya said, "If you stay away from leaders like us and listen to women, myself, I do not have a problem with her; that is her right."

Azziad Nasenya and Peter Salasya

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