Flaqo and Winnie Keranta breakup

The Instagram accounts of content producers Flaqo and Winnie Keranta have both unfollowed each other. 

Their supporters are now persuaded that the pair might have called it quits, but they choose to stay anonymous.

Keranta posted a statement on her Instagram stories saying she deserves to be respected on her own terms; thus, it would seem that the rumours have reached her.

She added a laughing emoji after writing, "Shida hutokea juu nataka kupendwa on my own terms."

Flaqo and Winnie Keranta breakup

Almost a month ago, the two announced their relationship to the world. When they celebrated their anniversary, Keranta revealed on her YouTube channel that they had been dating for three years.

Flaqo referred to Keranta as a gift from God.

He said on Instagram, "Thanking God for all the good and the terrible, and for creating us so flawed."

giving us the same frame of mind. The joyful moments, sorrowful times, "breakups," makeups, the time of best friends... 

"I simply want to thank God for you, for putting the kind of person who is the most understanding at my side for years."

Flaqo and Winnie Keranta breakup

Fans' rumours regarding their relationship came to a stop as a result.

After the disclosure to the world, Flaqo and Keranta started living together and went on a great trip to Dubai.

Social commentator Andrew Kibe has spoken extensively about their union, even accusing Flaqo of simping.

He suggested that Flaqo really consider their internet display of affection.

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