Mwenye Frey, the owner of the "Man's Chamber Barbers and Spa," twerking

Mwende Frey, the owner of the contentious "Man's Chamber Barbers and Spa," wants to create a new location where male clients may watch suggestive twerking while getting their hair cut.

Mwende said that there had previously been discussion about expanding her contentious barbershop.

"I work harder the more you criticise me. The concept for the 2nd Man's Chamber branch was developed today. When I return here, I'll launch it. So please, God," tweeted Mwende Frey.

When Mwende Frey publicised the care provided in her barbershop, suitably named "Man's Chamber Barbers and Spa," she created a sensation in April 2022.

When a video of her and her all-female employees twerking suggestively for male customers at her barbershop went viral on social media, Mwende got a lot of attention from the mainstream media.

The 27-year-old single mother received harsh criticism, particularly from women who said she lured thirsty men to her barbershop using her feminine side.

"What do you mean when you claim that by twerking, I'm objectifying women in the industry? Every day, women do twerk in clubs without being compensated. In the face of protest from other women, Mwende Frey said to a local TV station, "I am paid to do this, so why not?

"I'm gorgeous, sensual, wonderful, and confident in my physique, kwa nini tufiche. Men like good things, and this strategy has proven successful for this company. "Here, you'll find gentle hands, soothing voices, and gorgeous females," she said.


Further disputing claims that Man's Chamber Barbers and Spa was really a brothel posing as a barbershop, the young entrepreneur.

This is not a brothel; rather, it is a place where African maidens groom monarchs. If you do not want your boyfriend to visit, wash his feet when he arrives home, give him a massage, and make him feel good. Indeed, she emphasised, "You need to be thanking us for doing the task you're not doing.

Twerk queens who work full-time at Mwende's Barbershop are paid to dance flirtatiously to adoring male customers as they have their own hair trimmed.

"I have a lot of gorgeous ladies here that twerk all day long, from dawn to dusk, for our clients. We find nothing wrong with that since it's part of what we have to offer here," Mwende remarked.

Mwende gained worldwide recognition for the unusual services she provided at her barbershop. She was the focus of DW, a German state-owned international broadcaster, in May 2022. 

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