Sad! Pastor Mackenzie in Shakahola

On Saturday, April 29, a grave digger disclosed that the remains that were excavated at Shakahola Forest had been hidden within a vegetable garden to give the appearance of an actually manicured yard. The victims were discovered after being exhumed.

When speaking to the media, a grave digger highlighted the fact that the corpses that were laid to rest in a mass grave had been labelled in various ways, which is why they performed them in a straightforward manner when transporting them.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the remains that were found buried in farmhouses were in excellent condition and seemed to have been prepared for burial at a mortuary before being buried.

According to the grave digger, who requested anonymity while speaking, he stated that he needed psychiatric counselling in order to deal with the trauma.

The excavator went on to confirm that the operation left both him and his colleagues with restless nights due to the horrors that they encountered.

"The dreadful circumstances had a significant impact on me. In the course of my life, I had never come across that many dead bodies at once. I had never seen a corpse being excavated before, but that's exactly what happened in Shakahola," the man said.

When a grave is dug, the grave digger receives Ksh1,000 every day as payment. The workout, on the other hand, was called off because of the severe weather conditions.

According to Coast Regional Coordinator Rhoda Onyancha, approximately 110 corpses were excavated from the woodland, of which sixty percent belonged to children. Among the dead that were retrieved from the forest were the bodies of children.

On Saturday, April 29, one dead body was found along with four people who were saved by emergency personnel, according to the commissioner. She affirmed that the authorities were using drones in their search for survivors.

The information was revealed at the same time that Senate Speaker Amason Kingi was leading an ad hoc committee to investigate the killing. He strongly recommended that the administration send in helicopters to help with the mission.

"The search and rescue operation needs to be scaled up, and helicopters should be brought in to perform an aerial search of the area and rapid search and rescue operations."

"If actions and serious steps had been implemented, we wouldn't have been present for the horrors that we are facing today," he remarked.

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