Stephen Otieno Adera, who goes by the stage name Stivo Simple Boy

Stephen Otieno Adera, who goes by the stage name Stivo Simple Boy, is a Kenyan musician with funny content. He has made his first public comments about his wife since he broke the shocking news.

After the rapper's father passed away on February 11, 2023, he used the opportunity to officially announce his marriage to Grace Atieno.

During a meeting with Mungai Eve, Stivo said that the way his wife carried herself was the first thing that caught his attention about her.

He was the first to reveal that he had been seeing Grace for the last four years in a romantic capacity.

Stivo said that in order to come to a conclusion, he compared the qualities of his current wife to those of his previous lover, Pritty Vishy, and then made his choice.

"If you have two daughters, you glance at who has more presence as well as who is more generous and modest."

"I was drawn to her because of her modesty and compassion," Stivo said. "For me, those qualities made her an attractive person."

The rapper said that his spouse used to think that he couldn't be loyal because she believed that artists are unfaithful and that he was one of them.

According to Stivo, Grace began to have faith in him when he presented her to other members of his family.

Since before my father passed away, she expressed her desire to see him in the hospital. "But I'm sorry to say that my father passed away before she had the chance to meet him," he stated.

After the funeral for his father on February 11, Simple Boy made his relationship with Grace Atieno known to the world for the first time.

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