Esther Akoth, a Kenyan musician and entrepreneur better known by her stage name of Akothee, weds her Caucasian fiancé Dennis, also known as Omosh, on April 10 in a sumptuous wedding at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club.

The ceremony is said to have cost a stunning Sh7 million, proving that the self-described leader of single moms wasted no expense in organizing her big day.

The wedding's dress code was "elegant," with a hint of gold, and attendees were not allowed to wear white under any circumstances.

Only guests were allowed to be present, and the invite list was deliberately chosen.

The buzz of the town was Akothee's exotic Haute Couture Atelier gown from Switzerland, which according to reports cost more than Sh700,000.

The outfit included a veil that cost tens of thousands of shillings and a fishtail dress made of white lace and Swarovski crystals.

Akothee's friend and actress Sandra Dacha served as just one wedding planner, handling everything from venue selection to cake tasting. 

Moreover, Akothee said that her daughter Fancy Makadia would serve as the wedding's flower girl and that six fortunate admirers had been given invitations.

Akothee explained that she had only gotten married once previously and was anticipating and excited about getting married again, despite having children with many men.

She has shown her foreign fiance a lot of love and told other people not to get in the way of their relationship.

Akothee also made it plain that she did not want any turmoil to overshadow her engagement and that sibling rivalries had no place there.

She said that her two sons, Prince Ojwang and Prince Oyoo, would be the only ones missing from her wedding.

Akothee wedding reception photos

Akothee wedding reception photos

She indicated that her two boys, who reside in France, wouldn't attend her vow renewal because of school but that they would attend the second wedding, which is scheduled for a reception in Switzerland on July 10.

Esther Akoth Akothee

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