June Jerop, who was enrolled as MBA student at Kenyatta University and was last seen by her classmates on March 18, 2023, is the subject of an investigation into the suspicious circumstances surrounding her murder.

Joyce Jepkemoi, her elder sister, said that Jerop, who was a certified public accountant for the National Industrial Training Authority (Nita), spent the day with her close friends until about 5 p.m., when she excused herself to meet a man she didn't name for coffee. Joyce Jepkemoi stated that Jerop was last seen with the man.

June Jerop MBA student at Kenyatta University murder

That was the very last time her fellow students saw the 36-year-old woman breathing before she passed away.

In the two days that followed, people in the neighborhood of Jamhuri Primary School in Nairobi County found her body.

"Her acquaintances told us she notified them that she was planning to meet a male friend, but she wasn't willing to say any further information about it," her sister said.

"Her body had been discovered discarded on the roadside on Monday morning."

June Jerop MBA student at Kenyatta University murder

"Her acquaintances told us she notified these individuals that she was travelling to meet a male friend," her sister added.

"She was the kind of person who could tell me anything; the two of us were extremely close. I should have known something was wrong when she didn't answer her phone for two days in a row, but I didn't want to jump to conclusions, she said.

Jepkemoi reported that she had turned off her phone and was nowhere to be found when she filed a report of a missing individual at the Industrial Area Police Station in Nairobi.

After doing so, she and her other sister then began searching for their vanished family member.

On March 24th, they went to the city mortuary, which is where they discovered her body.

The wounds had been drenched in blood, and the body was bloated.

"We recognised her because of the dreadlocks on her head, the long fingernails she was sporting, and the outfit she was wearing, which consisted of a white top with black slacks.

"We called her classmate, who also said she was wearing the same clothes when she left the building.

"At that point, we had no doubt that she had passed away," Jepkemoi sobbed.

June Jerop MBA student at Kenyatta University murder

Investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are currently gathering information to find out where she was and who she talked to most recently.

There have been three individuals apprehended, and they are currently cooperating with the authorities.

The investigators found evidence of the victim's murder.

However, they have not yet determined what led up to the senseless killing of the victim.


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