The relationship between Diamond Platnumz and Ghanaian singer Fantana was made public in the Netflix reality series Young, Famous, and African.

In his living area, Diamond and Fantana kissed before heading towards his bedroom to "finish everything up."

Fantana photo

Fantana claims that since Diamond claimed she did not have a girlfriend, she was unaware of her existence.

"If I ask you if you have a girlfriend once and you decline, and then I ask again and you decline, and if you refuse a third time, you don't," she said to Simulizi Na Sauti.

Zuchu, Diamond Platnumz's girlfriend, acknowledged watching the programme when questioned about it.

She instructed Diamond's brother, Romy Jones, to deliver the message to the singer: "Tell him I said F you."

Fantana claimed Zari was fixated on Diamond Platnumz, which caused tension between the two of them on the programme.

Fantana recently denied having encountered Zari, who identified herself as a millionaire, in an interview.

"I have no idea who it is. I can't recall. Which of Diamond's many baby moms are you referring to? There is a list of billionaires in Africa, and I am aware that Dangote is one of them.

Zari was upset that Diamond brought up his latest capture while talking about her.

"I respect Diamond so much because he is the father of my children, and we will always have this relationship, but if you sit and discuss me and give the other person the confidence to abuse me, that is where you cross the line, Zari said. I wasn't jealous of that girl. My issue is with my baby daddy, Diamond, sitting with another woman and discussing me.

"Never can I sit down with my spouse right now and begin talking about Diamond. I am aware that Diamond might have wooed this girl without using my name."

"She can't claim that I altered my physique to resemble her. Before the reality programme, she was an unknown. How can I improve my physique to appear like her now that you've all seen the show?

"A woman having surgery is simply improving her body and gaining confidence."


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