bongo artist Harmonize

With a Kikuyu lady who claimed that she was making posts for him on social media, bongo artist Harmonize seemed to be enjoying his daily existence in Dallas, Texas.

The singer praised Kikuyu ladies on her Instagram stories for going all out and being as seductive as Kisii and Luo women.

"Respect technology; modern Kikuyu women also have large posteriors. All I could think of were Kisii and Luo, ladies.

Guys, it's not Konde Boy blogging; a Kikuyu lady stole my phone, he continued.

Harmonize recently showed off a Rwandese lady who he claimed to have fallen in love with after being unmarried for weeks.

Harmonize said he intended to acquire a tattoo of his Rwandese girlfriend Phiona, known as Yolo the Queen, to show how much he cares for her.

He posted a picture of him appreciating her.

"I LOVE YOU, PHIONA; I REMEMBER YOU EVEN INSPIRED THE REMIX. I'm still alive, so don't let anybody stress you out," he wrote.

Harmonize recently had a fight with his ex, Fridah Kajala, and claimed she had been having an affair.

"I discovered texts on her phone showing that a male had been messaging her, and when I confronted her about it, she became mad and seemed ready to attack me. I refused, stating that I don't want to engage in combat with you as I do not wrestle women."


"Take your phone, I said as I just glanced at her."

"Yeah, guy, I'm really dumbfounded. My life is a complete wreck, yet I'm at a loss for words. Since she was the only female I had ever known, I was aware that I had lost her."

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