Pilot Contrite Nyako, a popular TikTok video maker, has expressed regret to Lulu Hassan, one of Kenya's top celebrities.

The outspoken and eloquent content producer begged for forgiveness from the journalist and her supporters in a heartfelt apology.

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"To my subscribers, I apologise for my rash answer, and to my followers, poleni sana for my careless actions. I responded in the heat of my emotions while speaking to Lulu Hassan, the queen of Citizen TV, and I'm pleading with the individuals I offended by my actions to find some room in their hearts to forgive me," Nyako said.

During a TikTok conversation with Sultana actress Mwanasha Johari, Lulu asked out loud who Nyako was, which sparked the argument between the two.

The innocently interested mother of three inquired. A: "Ni mshosho?" The lady, who has long-running disputes with Andrew Kibe and Choku, was sparked by that remark. Her disputes with both men have persisted for weeks.

Nyako retaliated by berating Lulu and boasting that the Citizen TV host shouldn't have brought her up. 

She was in Europe, but Lulu is in Kenya, and this fact should distinguish them from one another.

"Respect individuals; I don't care about your status. Eti doesn't address her, treating me like garbage. Even her time isn't worth anything to me. Shosho. na sijakataa Mimi ni Shosho. Which is the case? Yes, I'm old. I'm your mother, too. Mind your own business; I'm not your mother," Nyako commanded.

She continued by stating once again that she was a Luo lady who had achieved success in Europe.

"For example, I believe Nyako has understood that Lulu is popular and that picking a fight with her would not make her popular."


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