Size 8 and DJ Moh

The Murayas have been referred to as "clout chasers" by Kabi Wa Jesus.  This came about following a disagreement between Kabi and Size 8 after dinner at singer Betty Bayo's home.

As was indicated by Kabi about Size 8 and DJ Moh in the reality series "Oh sister," they feigned to dispute while "advertising their mjengo."

Size 8 said that Kabi was defaming her by using such language and that, despite being a gospel performer, she had never been clout pursued.

Size 8 said, "The issue I have with Kiki is that Kiki is founded on lies, and the originator of lies is the devil."

Then Kabi said, "Size 8 has Kiki; sometimes, she leaves the group. posts Kiki on the mjengo website after going there."

"Huwezisema sio kiki uachane na mtu kwa site."

Size 8 said that it is forbidden for a minister of the gospel to pursue power." Let me say this, and please don't cut me off; I'm serious; you trash people too much, and you have no idea what you're talking about."

Milly, the wife of Kabi Wa Jesus, defended her husband, whom Size 8 had been pursuing for influence.

Kabi is heard stating, "Size 8, I told her the truth, she's a clout chaser, that's what she is," in another video. The Muraya family as a whole is a clout hunter.

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