Tharaka Nithi

A guy who was detained at a Tharaka Nithi county police station is now resting himself down after being accused of murdering his father and then boiling some of his body parts in Giankaja village.

The terrible occurrence was disclosed to the village elder after the 70-year-old victim went unnoticed for three days, according to the police, who verified it.

The people searched every corner of the community in an effort to locate the old guy.

After hours of investigating, they came upon the deceased's already-decomposing corpse in a dark cave. The victim's legs were found next to his torso after he had been mutilated and had lost his head.

They quickly returned to the local chief and told him they had located the vanished gentleman. The corpse, however, was not there when they returned to the tunnel.

The chief, the police, and the interested residents conducted a more thorough underground search in response to the unexpected turn of events. A residence that the police believe may have been connected to the culprit was reached after they hovered via a lengthy tunnel.

They were shocked to discover a cooking pot at the site that included some veggies and meat.

A human skull, blood-stained clothing, and the deceased's gumboots were all found at the site.

Police questioned the assailant about his father's location, but he said that he was still looking for him and that he didn't know either.

Locals discovered the remainder of the removed body parts within the Nithi River, strewn with stones and thrown in a bag.

The perpetrator and his victim argued over the status of the trench before the victim vanished, according to one of the locals, who reported that the suspect started excavating the tunnel in 2017.

According to Johnson Mutembei, a local, "the two had argued after the man prevented his father from trimming the Napier grass surrounding the tunnel."

The suspect is being held in jail while waiting to be charged with murder in court.

The Muthambi Sub-County Police Commander said, "We have taken into custody a man who is thought to be guilty of killing his father, cooking part of the body, and concealing some in a tunnel."


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