Online tweep Maverick Aoko causes a stir online after revealing how ex-CAS David Osiany slept with her and conned her love with a dime shilling. 

The famous blogger explained that Osiany parked his Sh 30 million car on her Sh 10K bed-sitter not once but several and continued his business with her and later disappeared. 

Maverick Aoko expose

Maverick Auko said, " Osiany Came to my bedsitter, pale coast Kawangware

"Made me cry as usual, ate my pu$$y and I was gasping for air...Time ya Covid akikula Billions ya Covid, told him, dhi mos

"Osiany parked his 30M stolen money car outside my 10k rent house. Dinyad me, Left

I Warned him! Lol"

However, Osiany response caused mixed reactions online. Fans asked the former chief Administrative secretary for a cease-fire. 

Maverick Aoko expose

The duo have been battling online with fans getting a glimpse of the pair. Their fight online continued since they began their dates. 

" Kwani nyinyi mlikuwa mkipatana tu tu mdinyano tu 🙄,Hakuna agenda ingine 😂😂... But Osiany pia wewe , 30M car unpack mbele ya 10K bedsitter alafu unanyandua mtoto yatima mwenye Hana uwezo 😂😂😂... Osiany, you are very wicked kabsaaa 😅🤣😂" a fan posted on the story. 

Maverick Aoko expose

Maverick Aoko expose

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