Faith Ntaborwa photos suffering from HIV surfaces online

In 2020, Faith Ntaborwa startled the country by leaking an after-making-out video with her boyfriend and well-known media figure, MC Kats.

In a viral video that is currently still going viral on social media, Faith is seen filming a weary MC Kats after engaging in an intimate binge with him.

It's likely that the NBS After 5 co-host, who is shown dozing off on a sofa, was unaware that the video was being taken of him.

In the same video, Faith, who is shown holding a used condom, is overheard explaining that she chose to use protection with MC Kats because she "fears" him.

Only a few weeks after Kats made his HIV status public, the footage has emerged. The broadcaster, who spent a few weeks in the hospital and then entered rehab in the UK due to unidentified ailments, was also seen in this tape coughing violently.

Who and how is Faith Ntaborwa in 2023?

Singer Fille's cousin is named Faith. MC Kats is dating Fille, and the two have a kid together. She formerly worked at Fame Lounge.

Those who are more familiar with her describe her as a perfect man-eater who has slept with practically all of the local celebrities.

Faith has had love relationships with a variety of people, including politicians, businesspeople, and attorneys.

She doesn't only sleep with famous people from the entertainment industry.

Photos of Faith Ntaborwa before 2022 and in 2023

Faith Ntaborwa photos suffering from HIV surfaces online

Faith Ntaborwa photos suffering from HIV surfaces online

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