Following a car accident, Mr Seed has spent more than 27 days confined to bed. He has maintained his optimism and expressed his confidence in making a comeback.

"We haven't seen him much while he's been on his rehabilitation break, but in recent days he's started to talk a little more about his struggles."

Mr. Seed expressed appreciation to Kenyans for their prayers and commended his wife Nimo for being his devoted spouse, in addition to acknowledging how difficult his journey has been.

Mr seed

Additionally, the CEO of Starborn created a song while confined to bed.

'Niko Poa' is a song that describes a man who is unable to move because he is too stressed to leave his bed."

"Niko kwa pain, bado anangoja rent, landlord,  He sings, "Baba nihurumie ila niko poa umenilinda poa."

The song's music video features Nimo at his bedside as well.

"Since I can't walk, I can't do anything; therefore, I recorded this song, Niko Poa, in bed and made the visualizer in bed. Check it out; it's my testimony and what I have been and am currently experiencing. For a link to #NikoPoa, see my bio."

In a message for Thanksgiving on Friday, he voiced optimism about his situation and said,

"I'm feeling especially appreciative for the gift of life this Thanksgiving. You are all aware of the incidental accident, which taught me the value of each and every minute. I'm appreciative of the time I get to spend with my loved ones, friends, and fans each day. From a human perspective, it could seem incredible that I survived."

"Today at 2:00 pm, I'll be talking about my health and recovery experience on my YouTube page. Set a reminder for today at 2 p.m."


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