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After being accused of dating the same guy, Tanzanian diva Frida Kajala Masanja and her daughter Paula Kajala forgive one another.

According to rumours, the pair was romantically involved with Tanzanian bongo artist Harmonise.

When they made amends, Frida broke down in tears and sought to convey to her daughter, Paula, that she hadn't considered the effect of her behaviour on her.

On the programme, Paula is shown being awakened for lunch before the actress from the Bongo movie begs her forgiveness.

"I apologise. You look up to me for everything; therefore, I feel like a bad mother for failing you. We have a great relationship, but I apologise for making a choice you repeatedly warned me against. I find it painful because there are things I would have given some attention to." Frida added, "I'm sorry, but I can do nothing."

In another scenario, Frida claimed that Paula would often break down after the widely publicised claims and was terrified of how others would see her for sharing a guy with her mother. Frida was consulting with a psychologist at the time.

She once admitted to me that she was concerned with how other people saw her. She feared that the bad press would affect her negatively for the rest of her life. She sometimes said things that gave me the impression that she was in pain, according to Fridah.

The daughter acknowledged that everything is now behind them and accepted her mother's apology.

In the latest discovery, Frida claims that Harmonise began flirting with her daughter Paula following their second-to-last separation.

Nevertheless, despite Paula's attempts to prevent her mother from getting back together, the two eventually did.

Harmonise later separated from them in a widely publicised separation, and to corroborate the rumours, she released the song "Single."

Speaking to Mzazi Willy M. Tuva, Kajala said that Harmonise's behaviour caused their relationship to reach an all-time low.

The phrase "Mazoea mtu akishakuzoea sana anakuchukulia poa" might be "alikua anahitaji space, unajua mi simlaumu kwa sababu ye ni. Unajua kusema nataka huyu mtu niwe naye 24/7: munaamka wote, munaenda wote gym, munafanya hiki, munafanya hiki. Unajua tulikua tuko too much (close) na ye mara ya kwanza nahisi aliona kama." Kajala said, "Labda alikua anahitaji space yake yani afanye na vitu vyake vingine.


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