Pritty Vishy and her ex-boyfriend, artist Stivo Boy, have been at odds over her posting images of Mombasa-based TikToker Trisha Khalid.

Simple Boy had uploaded Trisha Khalid with comments that included hearts and flowers. Trisha's curves certainly cause a lot of guys to have restless nights.

Simple Boy had uploaded Trisha Khalid

On May 23, she made fun of him, claiming that she was unwilling to move on. "Mtu akidedi msiseme, ooh ooh," Prity Vishy said.

Ankali Ray of Milele FM interviewed her, and she denied having feelings for Stivo.

"Me I am a guy of my own. Nimefata nani When I remark, I do it on Stivo's behalf. I avoided mentioning his name."

Pritty stated that after their split, she had moved on. "I just made a fan comment." She stated that she would keep her new relationship a secret from everyone. She invited Trisha to confront her and defeat her.

"Trisha Khalid Kuja, unichape basi, please." During the interview, Prity Vishy replied. In response to Vishy's challenge, Trisha told Stivo to deal with his ex-girlfriends.

Pritty also published a photo of a muscular guy she alleges to have been seeing recently in order to demonstrate that she is no longer in love with Stivo. She told DJ Starvy, "My man has been giving me sleepless nights."

Her admirers have enjoyed watching them flirt nonstop. The socialite from Kibera uploaded a stunning image of a guy on Sunday whom she identified as a DJ.

She also uploaded a video of him performing a mirror selfie while displaying his abs to further demonstrate her admiration for him.

Vishy captioned the dashing guy, "Tell me why he has taken pictures of himself in the bathroom just to show me his packs, my one and only."

"Just waking up and gazing at who?" he wrote, tagging her account.

"I have been impatiently awaiting this day to prove to the world that I want to be with you," he said.

"Thank you for allowing us to share our experience publicly. Life would be dull without you," he said, tagging her with a red love emoji.

Since his words had such an impact on her, she added "mnipee tissue." 

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