The late comedian Duncan Ochonjo's burial was held on Saturday in Kisumu, where a lady identified herself as his "wife" (in reality, she is an actress who earlier co-starred with him as the late comic's wife).

Many people were taken aback when Anne Ongoro revealed their connection. She grins and hugs her infant in a video posted on YouTube user Nicholas Kioko's channel.

late comedian Duncan Ochonjo

"My husband's name was Okonjo. We had a kid, which was a blessing," the TV 'wife' informed the mourners.

A team that attested to their relationship was with her. Phelix Odiwour, alias Jalango, a Lang'ata MP, was also there and paid respect to Ochonjo.

"It's always nice to come home! My Kisumu people appreciate the kind greeting! I attended the funeral ceremonies for @ochonjodunco with his family! May your soul find eternal peace."

Coworkers in the media showed up for a candle-lighting celebration at KNT two days ago. Sandra Dacha, an actress, voiced her dissatisfaction with the creatives on Thursday, May 25, after they abandoned the late comic.

Many others disagreed with her viewpoint, and the argument seemed to get out of hand when the actress accused Tiktoker Mike Wako of misleading the audience.

Two weeks ago, Sandra said of his passing, "Life is good. Death comes quietly. What's challenging is the change. My buddy and coworker, @ochonjodunco, may you rest in peace," Sandra stated in part.

Dacha explained how he was hospitalised and tragically passed away in her update.

"10/5/2023. We brought you to the hospital on a day like this last week. At 2:00 a.m. today, my coworker @ochonjodunco passed away."

"Because life wouldn't exist without you, you accept death. We will always cherish the lovely memories you left behind. Ochos, may you rest in peace till we meet again," read an update from Sandra Dacha.


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