Stanley Omondi

Stanley Omondi, a developer of digital material, has been compelled to address rumours that he and Crazy Kennar had a falling out.

In a video, Omondi said that, in contrast to internet hoaxes about betrayal, he still gets along well with Kennar.

Omondi claims that he chose to part ways with Kennar because he wanted to devote all of his attention to building his brand instead of investing in women.

He gave his supporters reassurance that he still has a strong relationship with Kennar and considers him to be the finest content generator in Kenya.

Fans of Kennar's squad were puzzled by Omondi's mysterious absence, which sparked rumours and made Crazy Kennar a popular subject.

Omondi tales

"There is so much noise in the silence…mara Kennar ameomoka akaachana na maboys.

"You are going too far with this, so let me explain it to you. I work as a filmmaker and a performer.

"Whether you guys ask for it or not, I work better behind the camera than in front of it; therefore, for the team, I determined that I would always be there. I wanted to give my brand my undivided attention.

"We had a heated discussion with Crazy Kennar throughout this chat. He was not prepared to let me leave, so I had to beg him to let me concentrate on my brand, which is what I'm doing at the moment.

"Please keep expressing some love since not many people appreciate what I do. But let's not disseminate misinformation about Kennar from those who claim that he deserted me and collaborated with women.

"I will always be there for this person since he has always been available for me. As a result, you will see work that Stanley Omondi or even DOP directed.

"Kennar, I'm sorry, but I had to say something because I couldn't bear to see others attempt to discredit you for things that you didn't do.

"If you like what I do, please keep in mind that I used to make films back when, and one of them even has the most views. Currently, while I'm not visible on the Crazy Kennar platform, I'm still carrying out my previous activities.

"But I'm not thinking about it at all since I am certain that Kennar will continue to provide the greatest stuff, regardless of what we say. He is the finest, and he will continue to be my favourite content developer," according to Omondi.

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