Diana Marua and Bahati

Diana Marua requests that her husband relocate her to the affluent Runda neighbourhood since she is already sick of residing in their opulent Ruiru house.

On a YouTube broadcast where they often chat about their personal lives, the famous couple let their dissatisfaction with one another out.

Diana lamented that Bahati hadn't given her something special in a while, despite the fact that she had accomplished so much for him, including remodelling his office and giving birth to a second daughter.

Bahati justified himself by claiming that Diana had received many pricey presents promptly and that his intention was to give her time to utilise them before considering giving her another present.

"Nimerudi nimekupea nyumba. When will you use this gift? When? Tumia ata nyumba izeeke. Tumia nyumba izeeke kidogo," Bahati lamented.

Diana reiterated that she wanted larger housing in Runda and more presents.

"As a matter of fact, hizo gifts sahi ziko are outdated, and me, I want a bigger house nataka unitoe Ruiru, Kamakis unipeleke Runda. Nataka nitoke hapa babe," Diana insisted.

Bahati continued by saying that despite his attempts to provide his wife with the best amenities possible, she did not seem to appreciate them.

"Why do you keep grumbling? Ati presents Nimempea Zimeoutdate ati Anasema. This mansion, the Prado, and the Mercedes are all still brand new," yelled Bahati.

Diana defended herself by saying that although she was grateful for what Bahati had accomplished, she argued that he was more than capable of granting her wish list.

"New aje na kuna magari zingine zimetokea? Kuna manyumba zingine zimejengwa kubwa kushinda hii! Baby, it's not like I am not appreciative; I am appreciative, but I know you can afford it. I have already slept on this one; I know you can afford it, which is why I am coming to you," Diana told Bahati.

On Valentine's Day 2022, Bahati gave Diana Marua a Ksh27.5 million, completely equipped house, but owing to complications, they were only able to move in after a month.

The completely equipped home owned by Diana and Bahati is situated in Ruiru, Kiambu County, in Kamakis, along the Eastern bypass.

Diana Marua and Bahati

The four-bedroom home, which lies on a 50 by 100-foot site, is one of many residences that a real estate business has developed and listed for sale.

Since it had taken them so long to move in, some wondered whether or not both of them really purchased the home or if they were merely promoting it when Bahati gave Diana the house.


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